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@narchist body armour and shield technique

@ | 09.06.2001 06:35

downloadable booklet 000000000

With the rising brutality of police
tactics in our "democratic" countries, anyone planning on attending
protests in the future should have a copy of this document at their
disposal. Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense For the Modern Protester
is a 22 page PDF containing information pertaining to self-defense in
direct action situations, or when police just decide to vent their
sexual repression and feelings of inadequacy onto peaceful protesters!
This information is particularly important for direct action affinity
groups, and medics who wish to defend themselves and the people that
they are treating.

This document has some blank spots in it, so when you encounter one,
keep scrolling down. It is still a work in progress so if you have any
suggestions, send them to .

Click here to download:

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 5.0, get it here:

See ya all at the IMF/World Bank protests in DC September 28th!,

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