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Chemtrails over London.

Con Trale | 23.05.2001 09:28

This is a public health, information report.

People in my community, including friends and family have been afflicted over the past weeks by a sore throat, particularily painful when swallowing and further exacerbated by a rasping cough. However this complaint, oddly, is not accompanied by the usual cold or flu symptoms one would expect, like running eyes, nose or sneezes.

I remarked to my son, who is also suffering, that this could be caused by chemtrails.

He said, at eight o’clock that night, (22nd May) while playing, he had witnessed a long, dark grey streak in the sky which wasn’t a cloud…and it was still there! I lept out my sick-bed to the window and sure enough, high in the sky were about six dark, charcoal streaks, criss-crossing each other in a haphazzard fashion.

One in particular caught my eye, because it formed a huge curve through the others. No passenger flight, which tends to fly in a straight trajectory would have veered off course to leave such an arc, neither had there been any noise from military jets.

Unlike normal trails, which are white and usually disperse into puffy clouds before the jet or plane has even vanished from view, these ominous thick, dark lines, etched on the sky remained, unchanged until ten o’clock. By then night fell, so they were camouflaged.

If the ‘World Government’ is deliberately releasing toxins into the atmosphere, to the detriment of public health, this is an indefensible act of war against the defenceless denizens of Earth.

All the more abhorrent as Tony Blair has launched his manifesto on concerns over the overstretched NHS, which must be at breaking point with an increase in respiratory disorders, and so, the only solution will be privatisation. There is also the added bonus for the multinational pharmacutical giant, Unilever, whose profits will reach record levels as we stock up on Benylin and Strepsils. But throat pastilles can’t combat chemtrails.

Con Trale