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news from Genoa

noel | 20.03.2001 12:30 | Genoa | World

Update on protest against G8 in Genoa in July

Support is building for the demonstration against the world leaders (G8) in Genoa in July. Communist Refoundation's provincial, regional & local councillors have all mirrored the support given by their local MP's there. The authorities are expecting around 200 000 demonstrators.

Demands on the authorities are also increasing: a congregation of missionaries will be engaged in a two day fast during the summit & have asked for special facilities (an awkward request in a catholic country!)...

Prestigious hotels in the exclusive resort of Portofino have apparently cancelled bookings from G8 delegates. A new arrangement for this kind of summit is that many delegates will be put up in massive luxury cruise liners moored off the city (let's see if they can get off! ;-) )

A week ago the anti-G8 network organised a meeting with residents of the old town, situated right next to the summit venues, and were suprised by th reaction. Even before the organisers could finish his opening remarks, a woman interrupted from the audience: "What can we do to show our dissent? Unfurl banners from our windows? Wear T-shirts?

Globalise Resistance, the UK collective mobilising for the demonstration here has booked a 750 capacity couchette/sleeper train from Calais to Genoa, cost will be approx £100 for more info; hit

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