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Photo montage from Terror Act action (parliament)

imcuk | 19.02.2001 21:21

After the mornings delivery of parcels containing genetically modified crops (time bombs) to government offices, people gathered outside parliament, holding a press conference, handing out leaflets, parading a large 'Terrorist' banner through the streets and presenting Emmeline Pankhurst with a 'terrorist sash' in recognition that the suffragettes could have been tried for terrorism under the new laws had they existed then.

Photo montage from Terror Act action (parliament)
Photo montage from Terror Act action (parliament)

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20.02.2001 13:16

This is brilliant, it gets you in the mood for May Day (Beltane) our ancient festival, our pagan right! The people don't look terrifying to me, it's these guys in blue jackets, mumbling into radio transmitters thay scare the shite out of me!!

May Day

Police comments

21.02.2001 12:21


"Oh yeah, emily pankhurst, of course. she's that one that got the vote for women, I get it now."

"there is no 'time bomb', repeat, no time bomb. it's just a box with some organic, well genetically mod.. well we're not sure if it is genetic or whatt, but it's a plant not a time bomb"

"Hey they're really moving the banner, they're really doing it, see that's 'cos they're anarchists and they just decided to do that"

plants have ears