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World Bank Picketed In Oxford

Oxford Global Action | 19.02.2001 14:52

The World Bank representative came to Oxford to talk about new debt relief policies. Despite less that 20 hours notice, OGA managed to pull off a sucessful picket of the venue.

Around 40 persons turned up to protest against the World Bank in Oxford. A World Bank executive had been invited by Oxford University Economics society, incidentally the same society who invited ex-IMF head Camdessus to Oxford (who was baptised in red wine).

A number of flyers were prepared for the event, and we handed these out to the 200 or more people wo came to listen to the talk. Only Oxford Students were allowed in, and the security presence meant any attempts to enter would have been futile. This was not our intention however - our intention was to show opposition to the World Bank and disseminate information about the World Banks harmful policies. This we succesfully acomplished, and indeed the lack of time to arrange anything meant the action was doubly successful. Hopefully the World Bank had to answer for itself when it came to the question and answer section of the talk.

Resist the World Bank!

Oxford Global Action
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