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Downing Street demo protests Friday's airstrikes on Iraq

richard byrne, Voices in the Wilderness UK | 18.02.2001 09:38

Voices demo outside Downing Street protests bombings, Patricia Hewitt, New Labour MPs office redecorated

Voices in the Wilderness UK

Sunday 18th February 2001
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Voices condemn Iraqi bombings
Protest Downing Street 1pm Saturday 17th March

Nearly 100 people joined a peaceful demonstration called yesterday by Voices in the Wilderness to protest at Friday’s airstrikes on Baghdad. The demonstrators included three Voices delegates who returned from Iraq in January 2001

Richard Byrne, one of the members of the January delegation said, “Once again, the US and UK Governments have demonstrated their contempt for international law, this time striking at Iraq’s densely populated capital. This grandstanding is a continuation of their game of playing politics with the lives of ordinary Iraqi people, a game which kills 150 children every day. It shocks me to think that people who I was with only 4 weeks ago should be suffering under fresh terrorist bombing raids once again. The proclaimed rationale is, of course, deeply suspicious. This looks like George Bush flexing his muscles.”

Mysteriously, an unknown artist redecorated Patricia Hewitt, New Labour MPs office in Leicester, see attached photo.

Voices in the Wilderness is a group which campaigns for an end to the economic sanctions on Iraq. Sanctions kill 5000 children under five every month.

Voices 01865 243 232 or 020 8554 2205
Come to CASI’s policy alternatives to sanctions on Iraq conference march 10/11

richard byrne, Voices in the Wilderness UK
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