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Protest for Ocalan in Trafalgar Square

Arra Porter | 17.02.2001 14:48

As of 14:30, Kurdish protesters are occupying Trafalgar Sq in a sit- down protest.

The protesters are demanding that Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish resistance, be examined by an international team of doctors. He is at present imprisoned in Turkey awaiting a possible death sentence for his political activities, and we can be sure that he has not received humanitarian treatment. Turkey is a member of NATO, and has been implicated in widespread oppression of the Kurdish minority in the east of the country, and also for invasions of the northern part of Iraq. It is not clear whether this action was intended to co-incide with the USA- GB bombing of central Iraq last night.
But the protesters are certainly calling for an end to the "International Conspiracy", which no doubt exists in the matter of how Ocalan was brought to capture two years ago.

Arra Porter