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London Meeting To Mobilise for Genoa in July

noel | 06.02.2001 13:57 | Genoa | London | World

G8 leaders will assemble in Genoa in July let's mobilise to stop them!

A meeting has been initiated from the successful 1200-strong London Globalise Resistance conference on Sunday. It aims to start the organisation to mobilise people for the next big european demonstration at the G8 summit in Genoa from the 20th of July.
The drop the debt organisation see this as their target for ending third world debt, and the Italian drop the debt organsation hope to have 100 000 people there, a speaker from drop the debt whoi spoke on Sunday said they aim to have 40 000 people from the UK!

Obviously we need to work to mobilise that many people so a the intial meeting for anyone interested in mobilising for Genoa will be at Conway Hall, 7pm, Tuesday 20 Feb. speakers will include people from Jubilee Plus & Drop the Debt.

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