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Anti WEF Protests from June the 30th to July the 3rd in Salzburg (english) | 01.02.2001 01:33

From 1st till 3rd of July the WEF will hold it's Annual European Economic Summit in Salzburg/Austria.
Several Groups organise Days of Action from June the 30th till July the 3rd, because not just a capitalist demon resides in Salzburg at that time, also a fascist demon has gained Access to the government almost a year ago with the sucess of the Austrian Liberal Party (which should be named: Austrian right Wing party)
The organising Groups just opened the "pre"-version of their Website at - especially to get interested groups involved months before the meeting

This is the first big resistance in Salzburg against the WEF, so please support them if you can.

They are working on the Content (especially about the demonstration), and some areas are not finished yet, but a lot of things are to do till the WEF shuts down their summit-series. (posted for
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