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Against Vouchers in Britain - Follow-up of the Caravan

IFIR | 15.11.2000 12:01

As a follow-up to the activities of the UK Civil Rights Caravan, and a national action campaign to scrap the voucher scheme, IFIR-UK has called on its branches to organise pickets at government offices in Leicester, London, Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham, Coventry and Nottingham.

The first such picket was organised in Leicester on November 10 at a government office. A delegation, including the Civil Rights Caravan Support Group and Afshin Molagan, the IFIR Leicester representative, met with Jim Marshall, a Leicester parliamentarian, to discuss the voucher scheme as well as other issues. During the meeting, tens of asylum seekers who had fled from Middle Eastern and African countries picketed outside. The action and meeting was covered by local press. Marshall agreed to bring up the issues discussed at a parliamentary meeting on November 13, 2000.

The UK Branch is organising another picket on Tuesday, November 13 in London at a government office distributing vouchers (261 Harrow Road,
London W2 5XF, Hammersmith Line) at 1:00pm.

The voucher scheme discriminates against, stigmatises and deprives asylum seekers of a decent living standard. Asylum seekers in Britain are forced to live on £34 a week, which they get in vouchers for designated shops. Ten pounds alone can be converted to cash. Supermarkets do not give back change to asylum seekers and are therefore profiting from their deprivation. The total value given asylum seekers is 70% of what a citizen on welfare benefits would receive.

IFIR calls on all groups and individuals to join the national protests calling for an end to the voucher scheme and for full rights for asylum seekers.

Online Petition

You can join the national action by signing the 'Online Petition' against the Voucher scheme by clicking on the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns' (NCADC) link: which will allow you to send a protest message to the British government in just few seconds.

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