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Margate: Stop the NF attacking asylum-seekers!

Anti Nazi League | 19.10.2000 11:34

Saturday 21 October 2000
Assemble 1 p.m., Nayland Rock Hotel, 1 Royal Crescent, Margate seafront

The Nazi National Front intends to demonstrate this Saturday outside the Nayland Rock Hotel in Margate, which is home to refugees and asylum-seekers.   The NF have boasted that their anti-immigration activities on Saturday will put them "in close contact with asylum-seekers". We know what this means - attacks on asylum-seekers. The NF are the same Hitler-lovers as the neo-Nazis in Germany, where arson attacks on hostels in Rostock, Solingen and Moln resulted in the murder of the men, women and children inside.

Amazingly the police have said that they "have considered the possibility of the NF causing trouble".  Yet they are still prepared to allow the NF to surround a hotel where asylum-seekers live.  Local people in Margate do not want the NF there on Saturday.  Thanet Council claim: "the two previous National Front marches were the worst thing that happened to Margate last summer".

The Anti Nazi League will mobilise to stop the NF Nazis reaching this hotel.  Join us this Saturday.  For details of transport ring the ANL on 020 7924 0333.

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