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06-05-2012 15:29

Corporate Watch book talk at the Cowley7.30, Monday: Targeting Israeli Apartheid

Book Talk and Discussion on BDS - 7:30pm Monday May 7th, The Cowley Club

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17-10-2010 14:17

English Defence League London demo 24th October 2010

The English Defence League are going to be in London on the 24th October. The details of their demo are on their poster.

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28-08-2010 03:16

Stop the racists of the English Nationalist Alliance MFE & EDL Monday 30th Aug

The racists and Islamophobes of the interconnected groups the English Nationalist Alliance, March for England and English Defence League will be holding a hate rally in Brighton over the bank holiday. They have claimed that they are "marching against Palestinian militants of Brighton" and their supporters, "extreme socialist students and anarchists". They will be meeting at 12.30 noon 30th August.

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24-08-2010 11:35

Keep EDL out of Covent Garden! Boycott Ahava demo 28th August 2010.

The racist, nazi, Islamophobic and Zionist English Defence League have joined in protests to defend an Israeli cosmetic company, Ahava, in Covent Garden in opposition to FREE Palestine campaigners protesting against Ahava who sell Dead Sea Skin Care products. The Israeli Ahava cosmetic company sell Dead Sea products taken from Palestinian territory. Stolen goods from stolen land.

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01-06-2010 22:20

Islamophobic EDL rally with Zionists at Israel Embassy Weds 7pm 2nd June 2010

The Islamophobic football hooligans of the English Defence League [EDL] are holding a rally tomorrow Wednesday 2nd June from 7pm with Zionists outside the Israel Embassy to defend Zionism and Israel. They have held protests with Zionist SIOE before. There have been International protests against Israel this weekend following the massacre of aid workers in International waters by the Israel Navy.

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09-04-2010 12:33

Sheriff Scott throws out charges of racism against SPSC

The charges of “racially aggravated conduct” which were levelled at the 5 members of the Scottish Palestine Scottish Camapign were thrown out by Sheriff James Scott at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday 8th April 2010.

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13-02-2010 11:23

Anti-war stalls in Scotland with photos

Here are a number of photos from anti-war stalls in Edinburgh and Glasgow along with a photo of a 'peace car' from the island of Coll.

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13-11-2009 10:27

Sussex Uni boycott of Israel receives international support

Students at the University of Sussex have received messages of support from Palestinian grassroots organisations and Israeli and Jewish academics, following a decision by ballot to boycott Israeli goods.

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30-10-2009 22:47

Sussex Students' Union votes to Boycott Israel

Sussex students of Palestine Society and Stop The War Students at Sussex University voted this week to boycott Israeli produce in Union stores.

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25-05-2009 11:28

Sussex Students Set Up Protest Camp

Students from the University of Sussex have been camped outside the main administration building since Thursday night in protest against the cutting of the linguistics course, the lack of democracy in university decision making and the ongoing marketisation of education.

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08-03-2009 18:26

Student Activism Not Dead in Plymouth!

Activism grows in Naval town of Plymouth, as students take to the streets.

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27-02-2009 13:09

Victory for Plymouth Occupation!

Students of Plymouth University have successfully won most of their demands in just 4 days of negotiation with their university management.

The following is an extract from their blog.

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25-02-2009 10:46

Plymouth University Occupied!

Around 20 students from the University of Plymouth have occupied room 202 of the Smeaton building, in the middle of campus.

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21-02-2009 17:12

Israeli student jailed for refusing to serve in army tours UK, 5-14 March

Tamar Katz, a 19 year old Israeli war-refuser jailed for 51 days last year, will be doing a speaker tour of Britain between 5 and 14 March 2009.

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19-02-2009 14:35

A Campus Sit-in against Israeli Occupation: An Interview with Three Participants

On Friday, February 6, the University of Rochester-SDS (UR-SDS) organized an occupation of Goergen Hall at the University of Rochester for peace and solidarity with the Palestinians. The action was partially inspired by the wave of occupations across the UK in support of Palestine the past few weeks. UR-SDS made a list of demands of the administration (including divestment from weapons manufacturers, educational and humanitarian aid to Gaza, and scholarships for Palestinian students). In a related event, on Thursday, February 12, 2008 Hampshire College of Amherst, MA. became the first US school to divest from corporations profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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09-02-2009 22:35

Victory to student in Rochester after show of solidarity with Gaza

Students at the University of Rochester (UR) and their supporters from the community occupied a campus building February 6 in solidarity with the victims of Israel's siege of Gaza--and in a matter of half a day declared victory after winning important concessions from the administration.

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27-01-2009 13:21

Sussex University Occupation Interview

In solidarity with the people of Gaza, students at Sussex University have now occupied a leacture theater for over a week. Yesterday Last Hours interviewed a student that has been involved with the occupation.

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25-01-2009 21:59

Sussex occupation: Discussion on boycott of Israel Mon 7pm

Please join us to discuss the question of the boycott of Israeli produce and academic institutions tomorrow at 7pm in our occupied space: Arts A2.

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23-01-2009 14:40

Sussex Uni still occupied!

Three days in and going strong.

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21-01-2009 23:21

Sussex Occupation: To all other occupying students

A communique to all universities occupying in solidarity with Palestinians from the Sussex occupation.

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21-01-2009 09:38

Sussex University occupation for a free Palestine DEMANDS

Yesterday evening Sussex university students occupied a main lecture theatre in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Please send statements of support or enquiries to  sussexoccupation@gmail.com

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15-01-2009 23:54

LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative Supports University Occupation

The LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative supports the dozens of students who have undertaken an occupation of the Old Theatre at LSE in protest at the School's refusal to support the right to education for Palestinians.

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