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Edinburgh Stop Bush Evening Protest report

Pete | 20.11.2003 01:26 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism

National demo in edinburgh against Bush's State visit attracts thousands!

A demonstration organised by the stop the war coalition which called for a national demonstration against George Bush, in the UK on a state visit, attracted 3000-5000 people. The march started in Charlotte Square and proceeded up Princes Street and to Parliament Square, where some speakers from various political parties (the Greens, the Scottish Socialist Party, the Liberal Democrats and Labour) spoke out against Bush and his state visit.

The march was peaceful but noisy enough with drummers and the usual chanting and megaphones. Some of the marchers had been in Glasgow marching in the afternoon. After the speakers at Parliament Square, the tail of the march took the lead to walk back onto Princes Street and along to Regent Terrace, home of the US Consolate in Edinburgh. Police officers flanked the crowds throughout.

At the consolate some people scales walls to look down on the speakers, hastily assembled at one side of the crowd. Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Afghan, Mexican, Chilean, Kurdish and American speakers talked about the misguidedness of George Bush's foreign policies, and the damage they had done to their countries. The Chilean speaker sang a song about not forgetting about war crimes, and read the last words of Salvador Allende to his people, to highlight how Bush's action aren't unique or forgivable.

Much attention was given to expressing a message of solidarity to the American people, and reinforcing the message that the protests were not anti-American but anti-Bush, protesting against American aggression and imperialism rather than against the country of America.

The crowd began to disolve towards 9pm as the last speaker rounded up their speech. The protest might not have been seen by many on a cold dark Edinburgh weekday night but for those involved it was another chance to air views that they don't believe are covered fully by the national media.

After the protest, buses were leaving from both Glasgow and Edinburgh to London for the November 20th national demonstration against George Bush's state visit. The compere announced that 3 buses would be leaving from each city. November the 20th, 2003 will be a day to remember, if this protest was anything to go by.



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