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U.S. Air Strike in the Middle East imminent?

From Scottish CND | 03.11.2003 23:47

Since Saturday, people in the Highlands of Scotland have been witnessing
large movements of US warplanes overhead. Experienced observers say the
large numbers are reminiscent of those that preceded the bombing of Iraq in
1998 and military strikes on Libyai in the1980’s as well as the first Gulf

At the weekend warplanes were flying over at a rate of roughly one every 15
minutes. As well as watching them from the ground the plane spotters have
also been able to overhear pilots talking by listening to their radio

It is thought that the planes have flown on a route from the US over the
north pole to bases in Europe and the Mediterranean. The size and scale of
the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in
the Middle East in the next week to ten days.

Please pass this information on as widely as possible- the US may be
planning to use the pretext of "foreign" terrorist attacks on US personnel
in Iraq to attack Iran or Syria.

Please alert any sympathetic elected representatives, media representatives
and other sympathetic organisations. Publicising this military movement may
prevent the air-strikes.

SCOTTISH CND, 15 Barrland Street, Glasgow, G41 1QH. Tel: 0141 423 1222

From Scottish CND


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04.11.2003 02:21

hmm I don't like the sound of that, hopefully it's nothing.

Is it very rare? (with the exceptions already mentioned) Was it possible to hear what any of the pilots were actually saying? Does anyone know of any possible other operations or drills that might explain it?


Radio Shack

04.11.2003 12:16

It's a bit odd that people on the ground can listen in to US Military radio transmissions, seeing as I'd have thought these would be encoded signals not just normal insecure radio signals. I know the British ones you can listen in to (army anyway) but the USAAF is a bit more well-equipped.


ATC Traffic

04.11.2003 14:58

Even the US Aitforce has to contact Air Traffic Control as it passes through airspace. It does this on normal "clear" atc channels. Teh information would however not be very interesting. e.g. height, heading call sugn etc.



Some Concern Here from America

05.11.2003 06:28

I just got word of this article from our weblog at the John Kerry for President campaign and thought I'd check it out. Any word out there about who has heard what from aircraft transmissions? We're trying to figure out if this is purely speculative or the real deal.


Source please?

05.11.2003 20:13

The report of multiple U.S. military aircraft overflying Scotland is extremely interesting. But it would be helpful (and much more believeable) if you could meet minimum journalistic standards and cite some specific, verifiable source.

This could be critically important. Or not. How do we know if it's not verifiable?


Red Green

Military Aircraft Communications are NOT encypted

05.11.2003 21:48

Actually very few US Miltary Air-Air Comms are encypted. I sit here in Florida listening to Air-Air comms all the time. These very from just idle chit-chat while inroute to comms with NORAD regarding active Combat Air Patrol missions protecting NASA's Kennedy Space Center here in Florida.

You can hear many of these comms which I recorded at my audio library at

Here in the US more police comms are impossible to monitor than military that is a scary thought.....

George <- Military Freqs and Info

- Homepage:


09.11.2003 19:15

If this is true, it is extremely alarming. If it is true, we nee to start moving NOW to prevent anything even more horrific than has already passed from happening.

I hope very much this is not true. I'll check back tomorrow for changes, eh?


RE: Radioshack

20.11.2003 04:59

I find it extremely interesting that you would jump to such conclusions about the state of another countries military. Is love for your country as strong, even if your vision of it is only a delusion?


USA military movement of combat aircraft

01.11.2005 18:50

It makes sense that with the Bush Administration's unpopularity both in the USA and abroad that this American warmonger, liar, and self-deceived murderer of Iraqi civilians would continue his stupid, asinine, criminal, and brainless aggression against smaller countries such as Iran and Syria.

It is a pattern of aggression established early in his program of complicity with Israel's bellicose Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and helps to explain the real motivation of the American leader's invasion of Iraq.

The American President believes he is the Emperor of Earth and anyone who opposes him is a 'terrorist'. How totally idiotic this Bush character is, and these planes are not likely to be on Pakistan earthquake relief duty.

One can only hope and pray that the American President can be brought back to reality by a massive outcry from the entire world's population against the American President's loss of rational mental capability.

Unpopular tyrants, despots, dictators, and other demented freaks are famously cold-blooded and vicious when it comes to losing their power, and why should we think George W. Bush is going to act any differently?

It is a good time to pray to God Almighty for help because only God can save us from this American madman with trillions of weapons of mass destruction at his fingertips.

Joseph Charles Stockett
mail e-mail:


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