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11-05-2005 12:23

Iraq-o-mat: Cleaning Dollars for Corporations

Corporations profiting from Iraq Much of the post-war corporate activity in Iraq has come under heavy criticism from many different fronts. There are accusations of corruption, bribery and nepotism as well as simple incompetence - the jobs just aren't getting done... So what is all the `reconstruction' activity in Iraq really about? Supposedly post-war Iraq is a neo-liberal utopia, an economy freed of the tiresome and inefficient burdens of government regulation. Yet an examination of this same economy may lead one to conclude that the system as it stands is rampant with inefficiency. Indeed Iraq's economy today looks less like an economic utopia than a giant money-laundering operation...

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10-04-2005 15:32

Roma Day march against racism

More of the musicians Around 300 people, predominantly Roma and Sinti people from across Europe, marched through London to show their opposition to anti-traveller racism. [pics 1 | 2 | background | traveller-support | newswire on paper - special traveller support edition | audio report | more audio]

News from outside London: "Tash" reports about another case of restrictive traveller law. An exhibition marks the 20th anniversary of the "Battle of the Beanfield".

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14-03-2005 14:22

Corp Media Watch :: Sun Starts Hate Campaign Against Travellers

Paines Lane evicted site

The Sun started a campaign on Wednesday the 9th of March to "stop (the) Gypsy invasion". One front page was followed by another, which claimed mass popular support for their racist ramblings. By the second day the Daily Mail had caught up on this incursion onto their own home ground and come out with their own headline.

Previous coverage: [1] [2 | 3| 4 | 5 | 6] Recently activists from Cambridge have been involved in supporting the traveller commnity in Cottenham, where settlements are threatened by eviction. See reports [1 | 2] One site, Paynes lane has already been evicted. See photos [1]

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17-02-2005 21:02

CIPO-RFM to speak in Cambridge.

Activists from Mexican indigenous direct action group CIPO-RFM will be visiting the UK for the first time on a 5 date speaking tour (including Cambridge: Wednesday 23rd February, 8pm Films, Bharat Bhavan -- old Mill Road Library) to promote their struggle against globalisation in Oaxaca. Admission to all the dates are free and two short films made by activists will also be shown. They hope to raise awareness about the recent increase in state repression being suffered by Mexican activists. There will also be a benefit gig on feb 18th.

[More information...]

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20-01-2005 13:07

Bulldoze Prescott's plans not Linslade's countryside

Countryside near Linslade Update (03/03/05): The authorities were left looking rather silly when the protest camp disappeared under cover of darkness, the night before a massive eviction was staged. A demo is planned for 9:15am this Saturday (5th March) at Wing Hill Roundabout, near Linslade.

Local residents near Linslade in Bedfordshire have been disrupting work on the Stoke Hammond to Linslade Bypass, a new £50m road which is the first part of John Prescott's "development" plans for the region, including a massive expansion of Luton airport. The 5 mile planned route cuts across some beautiful open countryside and includes the destruction of several groups of trees.

[ Main Campaign Website (with latest updates) | Road Alert | Road Block ]

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20-12-2004 21:03

Brutality towards asylum seekers

Private Prison Contractor UPDATE (17th January): Indian family released after 73 days.

At Oakington asylum seeker detention centre, near Cambridge, an Indian couple with a two year old child have been imprisoned for 54 days, and have been refused bail. The child has been ill, but because he is in detention has not been allowed to see a paediatrician. The family have been told that deportation is imminent. By the time they leave, they may have been imprisoned for 77 days. See [full report] [press release] [local press].

A recent Cambridge feature described how Lina Castanos, and her 8 year old son, Miguel were violently taken from their home at night, to be held first at Gatwick, and then at Oakington. While at Oakington, Miguel was refused a doctor for at least 24 hours when he became ill (Read more on Lina and Miguel's stay in prison).

The Castanos family face fear and uncertainty, as to whether they will be deported to Columbia. While at Oakington, they thought deportation would occur soon, however they have now been told they can appeal. Despite the fact that several close family members have been killed by Columbian paramilitary authorities, they are left uncertain as to whether they can remain in the UK.

Cambridge [1] [2] [3] [4]
Bristol [1] [2]

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17-12-2004 16:29

The crime of filming repression in Palestine

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a journalist and community activist from the USA, was brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories [press release]. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has neither been told why or when she will be deported or informed of her rights. Earlier this year, Kelly and her husband Mika (a Cambridge activist whose reports from Palestine we have regularly featured) produced a film, documenting life in Balata Refugee Camp. Copies of the film are available from the Cambridge Indymedia collective.

Kelly's arrest while filming the beating of a Palestinian by Israeli police comes only weeks after Palestian Authority presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti was beaten by Israeli troops at one of the 703 Israeli checkpoints on Palestinian territory.[Text] [Audio][Video]

Audio interview with Kelly in prison (Madison Indymedia): [mp3]

Indymedia UK coverage of the demonstration in Bil’in

Update: Kelly was deported on 24 December, and is now back in the USA.

Other articles by Kelly and Mika on Indymedia Cambridge:
[on Iraq solidarity demonstrations in Nablus | on collective punishment by the Israeli army | on the killing of a young Palestinian woman by an Israeli soldier | on being shot at by soldiers | on the struggle to reclaim bodies for funerals | several reports on the invasion of Nablus in late 2003 (one | two | three) | More of their posts...]

See Full newswire report | Madison Indymedia [1] [2]

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14-12-2004 14:33

Against ID cards and the society of control

...from many passers-by.

The UK government's plans to introduce identity cards were opposed on Saturday by the Cambridge No2ID group (more information) and the Cambridge Action Network. A stall and street theatre attracted sympathetic interest from passers-by, but hassle from a council 'City Warden' and baseless threats of violence by a shop security guards (report and pictures), an ironic outcome given that the campaigners intended to draw attention to potential abuses of power by the state.

This use of identity information to control the population is also due to be used in Iraq. There are plans to use similar 'biometric' forms of identification (eye scans and DNA tests) in Fallujah, where the returning population are identified and forced to wear ID badges, before having to submit to control over their movements and forced labour. This world-wide society of control continues to be challenged in the UK (with a national call for direct action on January 28th) and in Cambridge (the next No2ID meeting will be on Thursday 16th December at 8pm in the Maypole).

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03-12-2004 00:09

UPDATE: Mother and 8 year old Son free from Oakington 'Prison'

Lina & Miguel MON 13th December UPDATE: Miguel and Lina were released a few days ago...

An 8 year old child and his mother who had been aggressively removed from their home in Bristol and were then held at a secure facility outside Gatwick airport have been moved to Oakington and are facing imminent deportation to Colombia. The mother was strip searched and left in her bra and knickers under the full gaze of male police officers before being allowed to pack one small bag of their personal belongings.

Miguel, 8 years old, is a much loved member of the St Nicholas of Tolentine RC primary school. His first action after detention was to write a letter apologising for his absence and is still looking forward to and practising for his tap dance routine at the school’s Christmas show on 13th December.

Lina & Miguel began the Fast Track legal farce on Saturday 4th December in the afternoon, theoretically a 7 day process where their entire case is heard, judged and appealed in a week. Oakington has a near perfect record in rejecting cases heard this way, and deporting immediately.

Read more on Bristol Indymedia: In Prison - In YOUR name | Merry Xmas Miguel

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28-11-2004 23:53

Cambridge University Debates Full Fees

The University of Cambridge has now made policy to charge the full amount of fees (around £3000 per year) starting in 2006. A debate followed in the Senate house, where it was (mildly) criticised by accedemics and the student union.

A report from the Council on the arrangements for University Composition Fees from 2006-07 is available along with some discussion here.

Highlights of the discussion (probably also happening in a University near you) can be read by clicking the Full Story link...

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07-11-2004 21:57

Protest Against Fallujah Massacre!

Protestors on the roof of the Guildhall (City Council) All over the UK protestors have been turning out to oppose the attack on Fallujah. As horrors unfold in Fallujah, many people want to make it clear that they view these attacks as appalling and murderous.

In Cambridge this has also happened with a variety of different protests: Graffiti has appeared overnight in various locations around Cambridge, including Alex Wood Hall, home of the Labour Party. A rush-hour protest took place at Elizabeth Way, where a banner was displayed and leaflets distributed.

At lunchtime on the day the assault started, CamPEACE called for people to protest in market square. While this protest was going on, two people climbed onto the roof of the Guild Hall [report | photos] and hung a banner saying "Fallujah: Stop the Massacre."

Cambridge people have also published items on this newswire discussing the implications of the attacks on water supplies in Fallujah [short piece | full briefing | fax action]; the mainstream media coverage of the attacks and the Government's misleading response to the Lancet Iraq Mortality Survey. If you know of other protests that have taken place or are being planned please publish details on this newswire. We must oppose this assault in everyway possible.

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27-10-2004 14:34

US Authorities Seize IMC Servers in UK

FBI Hands off Indymedia!

On Thursday 7th US authorities issued a federal order to Rackspace to hand over Indymedia web servers, hosting services for more than 20 Indymedia sites and much more. Rackspace complied removing discs from London.

It is unclear to Indymedia how and why a server that is outside the US jurisdiction can be seized by US authorities. The discs have now been returned. But the questions remain...

[ More infomation and Feature | Global Support Declaration ]

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26-10-2004 14:05

Global South Debt and the G8

Debt and the G8

For over two decades many of the world's poorest countries have experienced a debt crisis which is having a crippling impact on their livelihoods, hobbling economic growth, and draining and diverting scarce resources from health, education and other vital services, which particularly effects women and children. But how did this state of affars come about? What's happening now? And what can we do about it?

A (Very) Brief History

The latest debt crisis in the global south began in the 1970s after the Bretton Woods monetary regime was scraped and financial markets were 'liberated'. The global south found that the resulting instability in the north's economic activity (fluctuating interest rates, recessions and the rising US dollar) made it increasingly dificult to repay money that had been lent to them from northern banks. This problem first came to world attention with the Mexican default on its loan in 1982, which was followed by other Latin and South American countries. African debt was also exacerbated by official "aid" programmes that were often tied to importing from the donor nation, thus creating a new kind of colonialism and imperialism.

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23-10-2004 23:25

Report on Cambridge Forum 'The Rise and Rise of Corporate Power'

This is a report on the Cambridge Forum from 19 October 2004 on the Rise and Rise of Corporate Power. The discussion was held in the CB1 Cafe on Mill Road on Tuesday, 19 October 2004 from 8 pm to 10:30 pm. About thirty people listened to the three speakers. Before the forum started, two people from the audience recounted their experience at the European Social Forum which just took place in London the weekend prior.

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22-10-2004 09:44

Cambridge Activists at the ESF

with those luvly flags... The European Social Forum concluded in London on Sunday with a large demonstration. During the previous four days Cambridge activists participated extensively in the activities of the ESF. They were particularly noticeable in organising the Indymedia Centre which was set up in Camden; this centre was used to cover the events of the ESF and autonomous spaces as well as hosting the European Forum on Communication Rights. Throughout the ESF Cambridge IndyMedia folk were out on the streets taking photos, shooting video and participating in events. In particular they used the opportunity given by Sunday's March to defend IndyMedia against the recent attacks of the FBI.

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22-09-2004 21:30

Violence Against Women

Women protest: US 2003

"Violence against women is the greatest human rights scandal of our time." Amnesty International

Amnesty International say that worldwide many women have been beaten, coerced into sex or abused in their lifetime. One type of violence against women is domestic violence, and despite the advances made by the women's movement, domestic violence is still a major problem in the UK. Although men can be victims 81% of attacks are commited by men against women. One quarter of all UK women are victims at some point in their lifetime. Sandra Horley, from Woman's Aid says that domestic violence, "...reaches every corner of our society. It does not respect class, race, religion, culture or wealth. A working class mother on a run-down estate is just as likely to be abused as a professional woman...". Liberal feminist Jackie Ashley points out that street crime, which makes the headlines far more often, makes up 2% of all reported crime, whereas domestic violence makes up 25%.

The event in the photo is part of the Global Women's Strike.

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06-09-2004 12:07

Windbags Against Windfarms

A Wind Farm A proposed wind farm near Boxworth, West of Cambridge, is going forwards as Your Energy has submitted a full planning proposal. The proposal is for 16 wind turbines on farmland next to the A14, that could "provide enough energy to supply 20,000 homes - 37 per cent of the domestic need for South Cambridgeshire" according to a Cambridge Evening News article.

The proposals are being opposed by the MP for South Cambridgeshire, Conservative Andrew Lansley, who has either been convinced by the myths of local and national opposition groups, or is merely following the Tory party line.

A local group, Stop Cambridge Wind Farms, has appeared to propagate the same misinformation as a national anti-wind farm group, Country Guardian. The Guardian (Newspaper) reported that Country Guardian "strongly denies accusations of having close links with the nuclear industry (its chair is Sir Bernard Ingham, who is a paid lobbyist for British Nuclear Fuels)".These links obviously make its denial very hard to swallow.

Because wind farms have proved so surprisingly controversial groups have appeared to balance the debate, including the British Wind Energy Association, and Yes 2 Wind, a coalition between Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and WWF. These provide answers to all the common misconceptions. There is also a campaign called Embrace the Wind which asks people to register their names if they support wind power.

Read more on Indymedia: Cambridgeshire FOR Windfarms | Wind Farms v Nuclear | Against wind farms? | and more...

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22-08-2004 23:29

CamBoater's campaign continues with open day

View of the boat open day On Sunday August 22 the CamBoater association organized an open day to encourage people to visit the river boats and get to know those who live there. A festive atmosphere prevailed, with literally hundreds of people of all ages visiting the 20 specially decorated boats near the Jesus Green Lock. The morning was part of an ongoing series of events which aim to raise the profile of the Cambridge boating community and gain support for their campaigns.

The association has been formed in the last few weeks by resident Cam boaters to campaign against new mooring rules recently introduced by the Cam Conservancy. Starting from October 1st boats will not be allowed to moor on Midsummer Common, directly affecting the approximately 22 boats that will have to move, but also causing overcrowding of the entire river. The Campaign has also highlighted other concerns, including the lack of waste disposal facilities and fuel supplies available for boaters, and the presence of just a single water point for tens of boats.

[Previous coverage:
Barbecue, Boatpeople revolt!]

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19-08-2004 11:03

Stop Ethnic Cleansing

Travellers or Roma have faced oppression, murder, sterilisation and genocide from successive European governments, including the Nazis and the current regimes. In Essex, the situation is currently worsening for Travellers. The British Nationalist Party have won 3 seats on Epping Forest District Council with their neo-Nazi pledge to drive out the local Gypsy people.

A young mother with triplets and an elderly couple, who had lived on their own land at Paynes Lane, Lower Nazeing, Essex, for l4 years, along with other families were evicted in June. Another man was sent to prison for 28 days for living on his own land, and a judge is threatening to imprison his wife and children if they don't move from land they bought at Colney Hatch. The council now hope to evict the last remaining couple from Paynes Lane on 22nd August, despite the fact that they have been paying council tax for over 10 years.

Anti-racist and Gypsy Council campaigners are planning a rally to counter the eviction at Paynes Lane on the 22nd August. The rally will include the unveiling of a Memorial Field for Roma victims of the Holocaust, and will celebrate the survival of Romani culture with music and food.

Anti-racist campaigners also demonstrated last Saturday near Cambridge. Local residents protested against neo-fascists outside the Oakington Immigration Detention Centre.

Previous coverage: [1][2][3][4][Photos]
Links: [Traveller Support][East Anglia Social Forum]
Calls for rally at Paynes Lane, 22nd August: [1][2]

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03-08-2004 19:04

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

"The appearance of people was, well, they all had skin blackened by burns. They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn't tell whether you were looking at them from in front or behind. They held their arms bent like this, and their skin - not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too - hung down" - Hiroshima grocer.

It's almost 60 years since the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the 6th and 8th of August, 1945 (respectively). So far we have managed to avoid it happening again, though the USA is looking to build "usable nukes" or "bunker busters".

To remember these tragic events, there is a peace camp at USAF Lakenheath and there will be two vigils in Cambridge.

Newswire [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

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