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Former Wilco building squatted - to be turned into social centre

PB | 20.05.2008 16:58 | Free Spaces | Cambridge

On Monday night, 19 May, the former Wilco building on Mill Road (the very site where Tesco want to open a new supermarket) was squatted. On Tuesday afternoon, acting on a 'tip off' from a neighbour, armed police entered the premised on the pretext of looking for illegal drugs. There were a total of three police cars, a police van, and at least eight officers. The premises were searched, but no illegal substances (bar a supermarket trolley that was already on site) were found.

Police hang about while colleagues search the building
Police hang about while colleagues search the building

The search is in full swing
The search is in full swing

Nothing is found, so police leave empty handed
Nothing is found, so police leave empty handed

This complaint was received from the neighbour who contacted police
This complaint was received from the neighbour who contacted police

The building is now being turned into a social centre. Tonight (Tuesday) there will be a big clear up, before the space is spruced up with some furniture. There are plans for a cinema corner, an activity corner, and a space to hang out and drink coffee and tea.

Please come and help with the clear up or donate some furniture, rugs, etc.

The squat or the social centre are not connected to the No Tesco on Mill Road campaign, but will create a more useful, positive role for the building.



Apology for nasty letter - all are friends again

24.05.2008 09:34

The guy who wrote the letter of complaint sent the following letter to the Mill Road Social Centre:

"To chaps at Wilco,

Have been to police station to report myself as having been particularly unpleasant and antagonistic towards you. I told them that I started the nastiness and that I regret it sincerely.

I shall keep well away from you [and] leave you to your thing in peace.

Many many apologies.

They are awaiting your photography of my wife and me so please feel free to hand them in. I hope that they are in focus and show my better side!!!!"

In fact, both he and his wife turned up at the open meeting, so all is bonhomie and the best in the best of possible worlds again. It's good to see that the positive way that the Mill Road Social Centre is going about things is already turning hearts and (dare I say) minds.



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Well, that's not

20.05.2008 19:04

very friendly, is it? Some 'neighbour' that is. And poor handwriting too. Nice one, will try to find the time to come along and see what's up with this!



22.05.2008 12:57

"you shithead [i?] have made official complaint to police.
your [sic] dirty unemployed scum
your [sic] not ???? [welcome?]
fuck off somewhere else.
your graves hopefully.

charming sentiments. i quite like the handstyle though.... obviously a woman.


RE: The Note

22.05.2008 17:09

I think it reads "you r" (as in 'text speak' for "you are"), not "your", showing the astounding literary qualities of this individual. Also, I think the word is "needed" rather than "welcome", but it's too messy to tell conclusively with the naked eye.