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Earth First! gathering - programme and travel directions

Earth First! gathering collective | 18.08.2008 23:49 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Technology | Birmingham | London

Earth First! Summer Gathering
Ecological Direct Action without Compromise
27 Aug - 1 Sept 2008, Norfolk

Travel directions and programme

Earth First! gathering poster
Earth First! gathering poster

Earth First is a loose network of people, groups and campaigns coming together for ecological direct action.

Join us for 5 days of workshops, networking and planning actions.

For more info about the gathering check out our website or email us at summergathering _AT_ (though we won't be able to answer your emails after 21 August, as we'll be on site setting up)

Travel Directions
The gathering this year will be held at Woolseybridge Farm - a lovely site in Norfolk with lots of trees and a little stream. It's approximately 1.5 miles NNE of Diss. Diss has regular train services and a wholefood shop.
The Grid Reference of the site is TM130819. The post code is IP22 5SY.

The site is easily accessible by public transport, you can get the train either to Diss or Norwich and then catch the bus route no 1 (Simmonds) from Diss to Norwich or vice versa - this route goes right past the site and we'll be asking the local bus company if they will stop right outside the site on request. Or you could walk or cycle - it's only 1.5miles away from Diss train station. Please come by public transport if at all possible! .
We will run pick-ups from the train station for anybody who can't use the bus service or for larger groups of people. If you need a lift please let us know well in advance (and not in the middle of the night, when you're at a train station somewhere!). Ring the Gathering mobile on 07789 331857.

For more info on travel, including a map and bus times, check out

The Workshops

This year's programme focusses on info and planning for actions, direct action skills as well as spaces to discuss how we can respond to and deal with the widening ecological, economic and societal crises. We hope there's something for everyone.

We strongly suggest that you arrive on Tue evening as workshops will be starting Wednesday morning and running until Sunday evening. It'd be great if people could stay on for the Monday to help take down and clear up the site.


Introduction to Earth First! and the gathering
Dealing with the mainstream media - how to get your message across
Basic electrics - for squats and homes.
Capitalism and climate change - how to make the links visible in actions
Queer networking session

Self-defence - mixed practise session
Squatting FAQ - sharing tips and tricks
Action Reconnaissance for beginners
Introduction to the root causes of ecological destruction and an exploration of alternatives
Advanced Navigation

Saving Iceland - Introduction to the campaign
Nuclear waste and nuclear weapons
Consensus Decision-making
Introduction to Ecology
Confronting Abusive Behaviours within our Communities - without the police/prison.

Library Space: Negotiating Safer Sex: tips on putting the theory into practice, and making your sex life more fun as well as safer!

Cinema: Talk with video on resisting rainforest destruction in Tasmania


Dealing with Public Order situations - understanding police tactics and how we can deal with to them/turn them to our advantage (runs until lunch)
State and corporate oppression of the Australian Aborigines
Action reconnaissance - advanced skillshare, share your most clever tips and tricks for getting info for actions
Practical plant identification (beginners)
Activist trauma and recovery

Saving Iceland - an evaluation of the camp this summer
Security for Activists Part I: Do's and don'ts of organising action, from arranging to meet, planning and what happens after
Arrest support for actions - how to provide support for your affinity group, medium sized actions or mega camps and gatherings.
Introduction to Earth First! and the summer gathering

Women's self-defence - introductory session
Food and Climate Action: info for action
How to plan an action
Police liaison for actions - what it is, its uses and limitations and how to make it work.
Changing light bulbs or smashing the system. Sharing +/- experiences of working within/outside the system

Opposing nuclear expansion: planning for action
How to plan and run a successful medium to long-term campaign
Night time skills Part I: introduction (followed by practise session at 8.30pm)
Legal and arrest workshop
Introduction to anarchist history/potted anarchist histories

Library space: open discussion ?Direct action or publicity stunt??

Cinema: Seashepherd film and talk

Night time skills Part II - practice your skills in the field.


Blockading tactics
Climate Camp debrief: a critical look at the climate camp, its achievements and politics
Introduction to Earth First! And the summer gathering
Computer Security for the non-technical
Prison Abolition: what's wrong with prison? what do we mean by abolition and how can we make it happen?

Food and climate change: action and campaign planning
Self-defence mixed practise session
Squatting to resist - occupations to resist the powers of darkness
History of Earth First!

The Earth First! Action Update and website: feedback and getting involved
Resisting agrofuels - update on the situation and action planning
Sea Shepherd - an intro to its campaigns and how to support/get involved.
Grow your own food - share you skills and experience
Queer Activist Forum: Radical queers organise for the future!

Queer Self-Defence: an intro to basic self-defence skills (verbal and physical)
Setting up new direct action groups
Saving Iceland ? planning actions for the coming year
Techno-fixes and climate change ? report by Corporate Watch
Urban self-reliance and self-sufficiency

Library: Prisoner Support - An informal get together to discuss the state of prisoner support in our movements, find out news and get advice on writing to prisoners, as well as making and writing cards to send to prisoners.

Cinema: A talk and film by a tribal activist from Orissa opposing mining


Campaigns and Actions Round-up: UK and international news (no other workshops)

Women's self-defence practise session plus running alongside - introduction to women's self-defence
Stopping GM test fields - discussion on future campaign/actions
Research and destroy - how to research corporations
Future models of society - finding a path to sustainable living
Introduction to Earth First! and the summer gathering
Using tripods for blockading

Leave it in the ground - building resistance to new coal mining and power stations
Facilitation of meetings
Activist Security Part III: doing actions without leaving traces
Restoration Ecology
Creating safer spaces
Visit to Burston Strike School

Regional meetings and action planning (no other workshops)

Library Space: Working without leaders - discussion about core values of anarchism

Cinema: Smash Edo film and talk


Self defence mixed practice session
Sorting out ways of communication within EF!
Using radios on actions
Introduction to Earth First! And the summer gathering
Fences: getting over them/taking them down

The summer gathering: feedback on this year's and getting involved in organising the next one

Condoms, capitalism and climate change
Smash Edo
Introduction to navigation
What's new in the world of law?
Feminist Health
Climbing trees, lamp posts and anything else

Radical politics in the age of collapse
The Royal Bank of Scotland and Fossil Fuel Financing
Getting your electricity from solar power and wind
Radical Parenting
Looking after our mental health - sharing ideas and experiences

Cinema: films - climate camp footage, ready steady skip etc

Take-down: please stay for a day or two to help take down the site. If you've got access to a vehicle/van, it'd be great if you could help transporting marquees, recycling etc to the places they need to go. Cheers!

Come along and join in!

Earth First! gathering collective
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