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Chancellor of Bradford University jailed under Anti-Terrorism Laws!!

Suhayl Saadi | 19.11.2007 21:44 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | Birmingham

Imran Khan, Chancellor of Bradford University, ex-cricketer-turned-politician, was handed over to the the Pakistan junta's police by Islamist students last week and now has been jailed under anti-terrorism laws. He started a hunger strike today, 19th Nov 2007. Support Bradford University's petition and campaign to free him. Support those imprisoned under the current de facto Martial Law. Support the people of Pakistan to be free!

Dear All,

This is somehow emblematic of the depths to which the current outfit
has sunk. This, below, is the message I sent in support of Bradford
University's campaign, initiated today to have its chancellor, Imran Khan, the ex-cricket icon, freed. He has been jailed under so-called anti-terrorism legislation! What a sick joke. Half the people I know - I am a writer - in Pakistan are in jail, on the run or fate unknown.

Check out this website now to add your support to the University of
Bradford's petition and thence the people of Pakistan:

Best wishes,

Suhayl Saadi

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