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Pictures from the Shell Blockade Birmingham

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa! | 22.11.2006 09:15 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Birmingham

On Monday 20th November 2006, over 20 well organised environmental and human rights activists risked arrest to shut down a Shell petrol station in central Birmingham for three hours during the morning rush hour. The protesters used direct action to raise awareness about Shell's attempts to build an experimental pipeline and refinery, backed by the Irish state, that will put corporate greed and profit before the interests of local people and the environment in County Mayo, Ireland. In-spite of Shell's facade of corporate responsibility and recent green-washing, Shell and other corporations are also responsible for the rape and plunder of natural resources and the oppression of the indigenous people of the Niger Delta in Africa.

Monday's blockade commenced with a three person lock-on at the entrance of the petrol station and a banner-drop announcing that 'Shell was closed for ethical repairs'. The forecourt's exit was blocked with banners and a banner at the entrance demanded that Shell get the hell out of Ireland. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to commuters and passers-by explaining the context of the action and there was coverage of the action both on local and national, radio and television.

Protesters aimed to close the Shell petrol station for two hours but extended their protest to three hours and left on their own terms rather than any terms imposed by police. Police did however follow the group to a nearby cafe after the action with an evidence gathering team in an attempt to harass and intimidate people. The cafe owner objected to their presence and chucked them out. This pathetic attempt at harassment only served to re-inforce negative perceptions of the police amongst the group and other customers in the cafe that their real role is to protect and serve corporate greed at the expense of social and environmental justice.

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Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa!


Nice one!

22.11.2006 18:28

Good work people!
Solidarity mcuh appreciated!

Dublin Shell to Sea