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Birmingham activists close Shell petrol station in Rossport Solidarity action

fert | 20.11.2006 21:37 | Rossport Solidarity | Birmingham

Over 20 Birmingham activists today shutdown the Shell petrol station on Bath Row nr. Five Ways, Birmingham for over three hours (no arrests !!!)

Over 20 activists initiated the daylight blockade of the central Birmingham Shell station. Three protestors 'locked on' in the entrance to prevent access to the station whilst others strung banners across the exits and a ledge looking over the forecourt (pictures to come). There were no serious encounters with motorists and passers by were generally supportive of the demo, the aims of which were to disrupt Shell's operations and to raise awareness of the struggle of the community of County Mayo, Ireland against Shell's construction of a dangerous and experimental pipeline which poses not only a danger to the environment of this idyllic part of Ireland but also the people of County Mayo. Protestors also tried to obtain a statement from the company but were unsuccessful.

Police took over 20 minutes to respond to the action but on arrival failed to convince the protestors to move on, with half-hearted vague threats of arrest for obstruction of the highway, breach of the peace, and even witholding identity (which isnt a crime duh). In the end there was little the small group of ill prepared local pigs could do except stand by, wave bemused motorists on and take some late photos on a knocked up digital camera.

The protest ended peacefully at a time determined by the protestors after a meeting to which the franchisee was invited to give a formal response to the protest. The blockade lasted a total of three hours.

Police followed some of the protestors to a nearby restaurant after the action, going as far as entering the premises to conduct surveillance before the owner of the business asked them to leave on the grounds they were harrassing his customers for no reason.

(video footage and pictures to follow)

Links: (Shell to Sea - Campaign against Shell in Ireland) (mainly for the picture)



Memories from the protest

06.12.2006 23:00

Hello Everyone,

I'm just adding a comment as a way of sharing some photo's which I've been meaning to upload for some time. It was a pleasure to take action with you all and I hope that the ripples from this action never stop emanating outwards and that the experience of planning and participating in it spawn millions more. Hell knows we need them to!



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