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Dunlop Strike - NHS Demo

Stalingrad O'Neill (photos are copyright Stalingrad O'Neill) | 18.07.2006 09:55 | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Dunlop Strike

A mass picket was held on Friday 14th July at the gates of B'ham's Wood Lane, Dunlop Motorsport & UK Technical Centre, the seemingly unreported all-out strike, is now entering its third week (Rubberworkers Lodge 411, Convener John Oaks - mobile 07890938492).

A scan of the GMB, BTUC and sites found no links to any report of the strike action, which is presumably over pay? A trawl through the pages of the B'ham Post and B'ham Mail obtained a similar result.

NHS Demo Saturday 15th July

With North Stafordshire University Hospital set to loose 600 beds and 1200 NHS jobs, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust facing 820 cuts, thousands more jobs are to go in areas such as local blood services.

Workers, Nurses and Patients demonstrated against cutbacks and privatisation in the West Midlands NHS services on Saturday. The Demo coordinated by North Staffs NHS SOS campaign brought together a number of different campaigns.

The march and rally was noticeable for the absence of union bigwigs from Amicus, Unison and RCN, who can't be arsed to organise anything else but cheap talk as support.

The March rally was addressed by Dave Nellis and Jackie Grunsell.

Stalingrad O'Neill (photos are copyright Stalingrad O'Neill)
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