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Redditch Cyclists Celebrate International Car-Free Day

Rusty Racer | 25.09.2005 10:35 | Birmingham

On Thursday 22nd September, a group of Redditch cyclists celebrated International Car-Free Day by cycling round & round the streets during rush hour.

This is believed to be the first time that cyclists in Redditch have protested against the `car culture` that is causing increasing congestion & breathing ailments for many, polluting our town & ultimately the planet.

The group of 8 cyclists met up at 5.30pm and toured some of the towns busiest roads and roundabouts(incl Sainsburys, Staples & B&Q), slowing down hundreds of cars in an effort to persuade people to use more environmentally friendly methods of getting around ie walking, public transport or cycling. Cyclists had posters with slogans fastened to their bikes and themselves, so that everyone knew why they were there. Cyclists received support from some drivers whilst other more impatient motorists shouted abuse as they passed.

This group of independant Redditch cyclists intend to meet up regularly for these fun bike rides during rush hour, and hope that numbers of participants will increase as the word gets around. This style of protest is often referred to as a `Critical Mass` and is a regular sight on streets in London and Birmingham and is becoming more frequent in towns across the country.

At busy times of the day, some Redditch roads are increasingly becoming gridlocked. This situation can`t continue, something must be done to halt pollution, congestion and our reliance on ever depleting fossil fuels. But it`s clear that Redditch Council, like the government, are not prepared to take the measures needed to deal with this problem. They have sanctioned the development of land adjacent to the train station(therefore preventing an expansion of much needed rail facilities) and they have allowed a wind tunnel of a bus station to be built that could have been designed better by a child(not even providing proper public toilets which the previous station had). Now they are supporting the bid to develop the Abbey Stadium Sports Centre which will inevitably be followed by the construction of Bordesley Bypass, which will encourage yet more people to travel by car. Enough is enough!!

Rusty Racer