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The Jerusalem Post Smears American and British Critics of Zionist Israel

assorted | 08.05.2005 23:34 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Birmingham | London

Since Zionists cannot win with Truth and Reason, they resort to lies and name-calling.

The Jerusalem Post Smears American and British Critics of Israel and Zionism

Below are Mark Green and Wendy Campbell’s responses to a slanderous article which was published in The Jerusalem Post on May 1, which follows directly below the letters. By the way, we are “shocked, SHOCKED” that Zionists wrote such a ridiculous “article” with their typical knee-jerk smears, but not surprised. How can anyone take them seriously? -WC

To the Editor:

In law, it is said that when you have a strong case, argue the merits. When the case is weak, argue the law. Similarly, in politics, when a position becomes untenable, the last resort is commonly to “shoot the messenger”. It’s regrettable that The Jerusalem Post is resorting to this tactic [May 1, 2005, Jerusalem Post, by Yaakov Lappin, “The Academic Ban – Nazi Connection]. Case in point: your defamatory mischaracterizations of the ideas and purposes behind the works of Wendy Campbell and Professor Kevin MacDonald. Why must gentile critics of Israeli and Jewish politics be so commonly characterized as Nazis?

Ms. Campbell is no “neo-Nazi”. Professor Kevin MacDonald, the author of three controversial though serious and scholarly works on Judaism, is no “pseudo-intellectual”.

To mix these kinds of reckless accusations in a so-called “news story” diminishes your newspaper and undermines journalistic credibility.


Mark Green
Co-editor, MarWen Media
California, USA

To the Editor:

It is surprising to me that a famous newspaper such as The Jerusalem Post would print an article that puts forth pernicious and libelous claims without even interviewing me. Such claims that I am a “neo-Nazi” and associated with White Supremacists are not only untrue but they are a form of “hate-crimes” in and of themselves, since I have received several unpleasant and hateful e-mails and phone calls, including from the terrorist organization the JDL (Jewish Defense League) right after your bogus article by Yaakov Lappin, May 1, 2005.

If anyone really cares to know about my politics and where I am coming from, they can simply do a google-search on “Wendy Campbell Israel Palestine” and see that many of my articles are posted on a wide variety of websites, from far left to far right and everything in between, which is my goal as I seek to spread the word of Truth and peace and justice for ALL with no special privileges for anyone, not even Jews or Israel.

Another good way to find out about my beliefs is to visit my websites ( and ) and to obtain some of the unique documentaries that we offer, including some produced by myself and others including political pundit , TV host and producer Mark Green.

Your article reinforces my charge that most of what passes for journalism these days, especially in the USA, is outright propaganda, mostly lies and name-calling, to covertly further a political agenda, most commonly: Zionism, and support for the Zionist Jewish state of Israel.

For this reason, people need to be responsible and take the time to widely research important issues of today, such as Zionism and the origin of the Palestine-Israel conflict. [Note: a great primer on this can be found at .]

After all, Zionists say that people should have known about what Hitler was doing to the Jews, and should have intervened. Today, human rights activists around the world say that people need to know about what’s been happening to the Palestinians (ethnic-cleansing and slow genocide) and that we must pressure our government to intervene and stop supporting the racist ideology of Zionism.

Best wishes for peace and justice for ALL,

Wendy Campbell
Co-editor of MarWen Media and Documentary Film-maker

P.S. Contrary to what Zionists say, not all Jews are Zionists. Please take a look at to find out more.


May. 1, 2005 23:10 | Updated May. 1, 2005 23:29
The academic ban - Nazi connection


The Web site of Sue Blackwell, the Birmingham lecturer who presented motions calling for boycotts of Israeli universities, contains a recommended link to a Web site owned by an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi activist. Wendy Campbell, who owns the MarWen Media Web site, has promoted Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories discussing "unrivaled Jewish power," and maintains an additional Web site entitled "Exposing Israeli Apartheid," which is also linked by Blackwell.

MarWen Media, which is linked directly from Blackwell's Web site, advocates the views of Kevin Macdonald, an anti-Semitic pro-Nazi author, who has claimed Jews are responsible for a "breeding program" to conquer other "races."

Under the heading "Sue Blackwell's links on Israel and Palestine," Blackwell provides a link to the MarWen site, along with the following description: "MarWen Media offers the latest in groundbreaking documentaries, breaking through barriers and taboos that mainstream media – and even most alternative media do not venture." Blackwell writes that "the documentaries, mostly about Israel, Zionism, and Palestine, are by Wendy Campbell; see her other site, Exposing Israeli Apartheid."

Combining anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial and vilification of Israel, Campbell writes: "It is no accident that Israeli 'security' is now the centerpiece of US foreign policy. How are the highly placed "friends of Israel" able to bamboozle so much of the world?"

She peddles Holocaust denial, saying, "It's a staggering fact that in numerous 'free, Western democracies' (such as Germany, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and others) it's a crime to question the official Jewish death toll figures or the gas chamber story in the events now called The Holocaust. Penalties include fines and actual imprisonment! Holocaust heretic Ernst Zundel was deported from the US to Canada where he spent two years in solitary confinement. Now he sits in a German prison. Who's next?"

MarWen Media offers a videotaped interview with Kevin MacDonald, accompanied by the following description: "Prof. Kevin MacDonald is the author of three groundbreaking books on Judaism, the most recent being The Culture of Critique. In it, MacDonald concludes that Jewish intellectual movements including Freudian psychology, Marxism (including other radical, Leftist politics), the Frankfurt School of Social Research, the New York intellectuals and others, including right-wing NeoConservatism, have all been designed to advance specifically Jewish interests – often at the expense of non-Jewish interests. MacDonald's incisive analyses offer an alternative view of western history and has the potential to change the course of major events still unfolding."

MacDonald is a pseudo-intellectual white supremacist,who claims that Jews have been practicing a "breeding" program "masked" as a Jewish religious code, in a sinister bid to subjugate the world, and holds that Jews are responsible for an impending "race war" in the US.

Blackwell, who was described by columnist David Aaronovitch as a "former Christian fundamentalist," has said on her Web page that "I do not include links to sites which promote either racism or terrorism. This has always been my policy and applies to all my 200+ Web pages, not just this one."

Her Web site is reported to be under a House of Commons Committee investigation for a previous link to a Web site blaming Jews for the 9/11 attacks.

Ronnie Fraser, chairman of the Academic Friends of Israel group, told The Jerusalem Post that he was "shocked but not surprised."

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Sue Blackwell repudiates Wendy personally

10.05.2005 15:32

Sue Blackwell: "I have now had a chance to take a closer look at this site and consult Jewish friends on their views of it. There was nothing anti-semitic on the home page, which was all I was linking to; but buried in other pages on this site is some pretty nasty stuff which borders on Holocaust denial and further nasty stuff which crosses the border from anti-Zionism into anti-semitism. I'm happy to pull the plug on it. ... Goodbye Wendy, you're history as far as this site is concerned."

She has now removed the links.