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Demonstration – No Local Health Cuts / No Hospital Closures

Plunk | 20.10.2015 09:53 | Public sector cuts | Cambridge

12:30-1:30 pm on 5th November
East Coast Community Healthcare, Common Lane North, Beccles, NR34 9BN,(near Morrisons and Brand of Beccles)

On Thursday 5th of November the local NHS bosses will be making a decision on drastic changes to healthcare in this area. Plans include:
* closing Halesworth hospital
* closing Southwold hospital
* cutting 20 beds at Northgate and All Hallows
* placing patients in private care homes

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I fully support you

20.10.2015 11:32

It's great to see resisitance like this to the cuts and closures. Could you also let us know what your alternatives are to the closures so we can tell people what the other options are.


local person