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Gaza Solidarity Demo in Cambridge.

Cameraboy | 19.11.2012 23:30 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles | Cambridge | World

On midday of Saturday November 17th 2012 around a hundred people assembled in Cambridge Market Square to publically express their objections to events two thousand miles away in Gaza, namely the disproportionate airstrike and missile response by the Israeli military to a handfull of rockets being fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv, which in itself was a response to one of Hamas' leaders being assassinated by the Israeli military earlier that week.

Indeed we are!
Indeed we are!

A quick walkabout...
A quick walkabout...

Self explanatory.
Self explanatory.

Palestine in Cambridge!
Palestine in Cambridge!

End the cycles of violence!
End the cycles of violence!

A history lesson in pictures...
A history lesson in pictures...

The demonstration (initially promoted beforehand as a vigil) was a very good natured event, entailing members of several local groups including Campalsoc (Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign), Campeace and others coming together to make it explicitly clear that injustices (and possibly war crimes) are being committed by the Israeli government upon the already much harassed and encroached peoples of Palestine.

Two brief spontaneous marches around the Market Square took place, and on the whole the spirit of the day was not one of antagonism, but more a wish to air objections to what is happening in Israel.

Campalsoc also set up a stall to promote the cause and sell a few items to raise funds for their campaign.

As I write this, rockets and missiles are still being exchanged by both sides with no end in sight and numerous casualties.

There are threats by the Israeli government of sending troops into what few enclaves around Israel that they haven't 'co-opted' from the Palestinians already. However, it has been made explicitly clear by the international community that any Israeli ground based military operation will receive little support (or sympathy) from the world at large, so it remains to be seen what will happen next in this latest episode of the ongoing grim saga of territorial and ideological tit-for-tat.

Things are very different now to how they were the last time Israel attempted military action in Gaza (which tactically that went badly for them), as their neighbours are now in turmoil with their own military and revolutionary foments, some of which threaten to spill over into southern Europe via Turkey's borders.

Israel's current government has already gone on the record as claiming it would carry out 'pre-emptive' strikes on Iran should the situation present itself, although publically at least U.S. President Obama appears to have no taste for supporting this kind of military action, despite the will of hawkish Zionists on Capitol Hill.

The world holds it's breath.

*N.B. I had a minor mishap with some of these photos and had to carry out some emergency data retrieval to rescue them, hence why this story is a little late!

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20.11.2012 00:20

Excellent photos, thanks for posting them.


Cambridge University supports Gaza slaughter

20.11.2012 17:10

Cambridge University, like many across Britain, specifically supports Israeli warcrimes, including mass terror bombing, and targeted elimination of all significant Palestinian infrastructure. Those that run Cambridge University prioritise places at their institution for Israeli students that have been, or are directly involved in crimes against Humanity against those Israelis designate as 'sub-Human'.

Israeli and zionist terrorists stalk the campuses of many of Britain's universities, working directly with University authorities, the local police, and security agencies of our government. They act to provoke various responses from the decent Humans that work and study there, so that those that voice ANY form of horror at Israeli crimes against Humanity may be identified, photographed, entered into computer databases, and possibly suffer harassment or prosecution.

It is notable that despite the fact that British zionists regularly express the most sickening support for torture, mass murder, and the racist suppression of people they gleefully describe as 'sub-Human', none of them are ever subject to arrest for their illegal acts of incitement. On the other hand, you have all seen the British police arrest any Muslim that dares to make a public display of their anti-war feelings.

British Muslims tell their children that even the slightest expression of repugnance at the war crimes occurring in Gaza in school or online will likely attract the attention of the authorities, with a high likelihood of at least a home visit from the police. Sadly, these Muslims now accept the fact that Britain is a third-world, tin-pot, police-state dictatorship, with the kind of regime their own countries of family origin have had during much of their existence. To answer the inevitable question the zionist EDL scum that hang around here will ask- yes they do choose to stay here because Britain still offers a higher standard of living and better prospects.

REMEMBER, the leadership and senior members of Britain's three main political parties have openly praised the hundreds of terror bombs that Israel has detonated across the entire area of Gaza. These are the same political scum that insisted a large part of the Olympic celebration this year emphasised the vanishing rare acts of 'terrorism' (actually it was a 'false flag') than London has suffered recently. Apparently a terrorist bombing is GOOD when the terrorist is Israeli.

It is terrifying to think that the depraved racists of Israel have been provided with hundreds of genocidal nuclear weapons through the illegally activity of fellow depraved racists at the highest levels of British, French, American and German society. Only recently, German neo-nazis gifted hi-tech submarines to Israel for the express purpose of projecting their nuclear threat across the entire surface of planet Earth.

Israel is the 'Al Capone' of the planet, where torture, mass destruction, and mass murder are just a means to an end. Israel has openly stated that if any force attempts to hold it accountable for its crimes against Humanity, it will unleash a nuclear holocaust. This fact helps the zionists at the top of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties to persuade some of their fellow politicians to at least keep their mouths shut.

Please do not forget that as a consequence of the current Israeli holocaust in Gaza (and 'holocaust' is the word senior members of the Israeli authorities specifically use to describe their actions), the leadership of the EU will be extending even closer cultural, political, financial, scientific and trade relationships with Israel. At the same time, relationships with Palestinian institutions will be degraded even further by the EU.

One last though- you are mistaken to think that evil is ever sated. Nuclear war is coming. While Israel and its supporters delight in burning 'sub-Human' children alive, and having the world press turn a constant 'blind eye' to the atrocities, a bigger game is playing out. The most depraved acts of warfare are being 'normalised' by the careful, repeated use of propaganda messages. Everything the mass media does is in readiness for the use of nuclear weapons in the coming holocaust of Iran.

You are going to be told "we have to use nukes in Iran to avoid civilian causalities". Your choice. War crimes trials for every Israeli war criminal responsible in any way for the holocaust in Gaza, or a new age of nuclear warfare that certainly won't end in Iran. We either have a line in the sand that we will not cross, or a dead planet that one day will resemble Mars.



09.11.2013 11:11

Yet another reason why a story is late. Boy you do make excuses!