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HLS worker escapes driving ban

Animal Liberation | 07.04.2008 16:17 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge

HLS worker escapes driving ban

"A WORKER at Huntingdon Life Sciences escaped a driving ban this week, after telling a court that taxi drivers were not keen to pick up passengers from his workplace, because they might be targeted by animal rights activists.

James Lemmon, a principal team leader, also told a district judge sitting at Wisbech Magistrates Court that other people relied on him taking them to work.

Lemmon, 36, of Queen Street, March, had admitted driving carelessly in March on August 25 last year, when he collided with a motorcyclist.

With nine points already on his driving licence, Lemmon could have been banned from the road for six months.

District Judge Ken Sheraton fined Lemmon £250 with £60 costs and a £15 surcharge, and put five more points on his licence."


Disgusting apparently this guy is above the law just because he works at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Animal Liberation


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HLS customers to be involved in Camden Lab

08.04.2008 20:18

SHAC top targets Novartis and Eisai are on the UCL campus. UCL are part of the consortium involved in the controversial Camden Lab.