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Midsummer House – Caught with Their Trousers Down!

Midsummer House Shame | 28.10.2007 22:13 | Animal Liberation | Cambridge | World

Section 14, cancelled bookings and waiters pull their trousers down - an eventful demo!

On the 27th October campaigners assembled at Midsummer House to once again voice their objection to the business’s sale of Foie Gras. Foie Gras production is considered so inhumane that the UK law prohibits it and two local authorities have passed motions objecting to the sale of the product.

The campaigners handed out leaflets, chanted and made noise. The protesters informed customers not only about Midsummer House’s involvement in the sale of Foie Gras, but of the fact that Midsummer House only got one star for food hygiene based on an inspection conducted by the local authority. Midsummer House was out ranked by a local church’s homeless shelter called Jimmy’s Night Shelter!

Midsummer House staff couldn’t help displaying childish behaviour that only further enforces Midsummer House’s nickname, Midsummer McDonalds, when two of them pulled their trousers down at protesters from a window on the second floor.

The protesters were later joined by PC Bacon 1222 and PC Saddique 732, at which point PC Bacon issued a Section 14 moving the demonstrators to a gate at the other side of the common, giving them only 30 minutes in which to hold the demo. The campaigners tried to end the demonstration but were still told to move.

However there was a silver lining for the protesters as they were informed that Midsummer House had lost two bookings due to the protest!

Despite the police use of section 14 to effectively end the protest by imposing conditions taking protesters far away from their intended target, the protesters are determined to continue their campaign to make Midsummer House Foie Gras free!

I leave you with this final thought….

Jimmy’s care for those in need and is clearly run by people that care about helping others; therefore it is understandable that they would care about keeping the food safe for their guests. Midsummer House on the other hand supports extreme animal cruelty and therefore, one could argue, is lacking in compassion and perhaps too interested in making a quick buck to care about having the top hygiene standards. Maybe that’s why Midsummer House ranks so low?

Please contact Midsummer House:

Midsummer Common, Cambridge, CB4 1HA
Phone: 01223 369299
Fax: 01223 302672

For more ways to help see:
To get active for animals in Cambridge check out the website of Animal Rights Cambridge at and come to one of the meetings on the fourth Monday of every month @ The Bath House, just off Mill Road. (£1 hall hire per person)

Midsummer House Shame