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Cambridge GM potato demo - pics

jim jay | 01.07.2007 20:46 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Cambridge


There was a protest today against the last remaining GM potato trial in the UK just outside of Cambridge.

Despite being heavily outnumbered by the police protesters were able to make their way right up to the twenty metre perimeter fence surrounding the trial site. Two demonstrators were arrested, one for attempting to breach the fence and another some distance from the site.

Protesters played frisbee and ate a picnic at the site but, due to being outnumbered, were not in a position to get through the fence to decontaminate the site.

(I'm having to to do this in a few goes)

jim jay


more pics

01.07.2007 21:03

you might want to resize a little more - for taste

jim jay

No More Pix please...

02.07.2007 08:45

until you've sized them properly for the site.

The upload form reads:
"Have you resized your pictures for web? If not, or if you need help, see here first".

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