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Ipswich Reclaim the Night march

bek | 22.12.2006 09:42 | Gender | Cambridge

The organisers of the Ipswich Reclaim the Night march have issued the following press release:

Press release

Reclaim the Night March in Ipswich

On the 29th of December people from Ipswich and supports from all around the UK will gather on the steps of Ipswich town hall calling for an end to all violence and the right to walk without fear.

Organisers are calling on all people to gather together to state that sexual violence and murder are NOT OK in any circumstances, and to demand the right for all women to live freely without the fear of violence.

Five young women have been murdered in Ipswich over the past 2 months, and a minutes silence will be held to allow us to think about them, their families and loved ones. We will march to Handford Road, where two of the women where last seen. There will also be a candle-lit vigil.

A spokesperson from the organising group, who have come together is response to the murders, said ‘as a group we felt that women were being asked to live in fear. We know that people are feeling unsafe on the streets of Ipswich after dark, so we need to show that if we work together we can keep each other safe. People need a chance to come together to express their grief and outrage.’

Those wishing to take part are asked to gather together at 7 pm on the steps of Ipswich town hall, on the 29th December. We hope to be finished by 9pm.

Notes to the editor:

For more information please contact:
Rebecca Dale
07929 123 314

- e-mail: December


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