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Some More Photos From The Cambridge Demo Against NHS Cuts

Simon Mullen | 17.12.2005 17:00 | Cambridge

Some more pictures from the Cambridge demo against health cuts in the region.


NHS services in Cambridgeshire and throughout East Anglia are suffering some
of the worst cuts ever seen. These include:

* Savage reductions in mental health services, with wholesale closures
of wards and centres
* Cuts and closures at community hospitals in Newmarket, Sudbury and
other towns
* Ward closures in major hospitals including Addenbrooke's, West
Suffolk and Peterborough, where 200 jobs are under threat
* Severe reductions in services at Ipswich, including banning 'obese'
patients from certain operations on cost grounds
* The possibility of some NHS organisations not being able to pay
staff next year

This could all be averted if the government put in enough money to fund the
NHS properly. Support our demonstration! Defend the National Health Service!

Simon Mullen
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Sign the petition against the cuts...

29.12.2005 20:02

A little more info on the campaign is available at

- Homepage: