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Yasser Arafat vigil in Cambridge

Ben | 11.11.2004 14:33 | Cambridge

Yasser Arafat vigil tomorrow in Cambridge

As I am sure you are all aware, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died in a
French military hospital in the early hours of this morning.

There will be a silent commemoration and solidarity vigil TOMORROW, Friday
12th, in the Market Square, outside the Guildhall, at 1pm. Bring flags,
pictures, as you like.

Yasser Arafat obituary



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11.11.2004 18:12

Arafat at best was certinaly no angel, and at worse him and the Palestinian Authority has done more to hinder the cause for Palestine than help it.

However, I am sure the Israeli govt will use this as an excuse to stomp their jackboots on the Palestinian people (in the guise of curbing the infighting of the rival factions). Hence the vigil should not be for a leader, but for the Palestinians who have died and are about to die at the hands of Israeli tyranny.

Tom A


11.11.2004 18:26

repost from april 02


nick watson
- Homepage:

yeah why

11.11.2004 21:14

im a supporter of the palistine cause but yasser was almost as bad as sharron
he really didnt give 2 fucks for the palistine people if you could be bothered to read about the peace initives of the past youd see or look up some facts