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Norwich Area Transport 25 Nov

MJR | 24.11.2003 12:16 | Health | Indymedia | Cambridge

Introduction to the Norwich area transport survey being conducted by Norfolk CC and details of a public meeting.

If you travel to Norwich, you probably should fill out
and give your views on Norwich Congestion Charging and the Northern Bypass. Notice the way they try to boost the numbers calling for more "enforcement" on the roads in Q2 by linking it to education.

It seems that residents of Ringland have put up a page against the western section of bypass at One complaint is definitely justified. It is impossible to select "none" for one part of the northern bypass, despite what the FAQ says about it being possible that they won't build it all.

I've also not found much evidence that roads in the northern part of the city are worsening, other than a short note that "observation suggests" it, giving no data. It says that average traffic speed is constant and notes that it is the south-west part that is slowing down. I may have missed something and would appreciate links.

There is a public meeting at the Assembly Rooms, Norwich, at 7.30pm tomorrow (Tue 25 Nov). It would be great if we can get a report about what happens. I'm not certain to be there. Will they be challenged about the road-building dominance of the survey?