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50 plates for 50 days

Ange | 23.11.2003 23:07 | Thessaloniki EU | Cambridge

Today marks the begining of an action of SMASHING plates around the world to mark Simon Chapman's 50th day of hunger strike.

Fragments posted the Greek Embassy
Fragments posted the Greek Embassy

This week around the world individuals and organisations are joining an international action to express their anger at the continued imprisonment of the 5 hunger strikers in Athens.
Starting on Sunday 23 November people will begin smashing plates around the world to mark Simon Chapman's 50th day of hunger strike.This plate smashing is in sharp to the Greek concept of Kefi which is associated with good humour when a group of friends enjoy the special mix of food, wine, good company, atmosphere and fun. Rather than breaking plates as an act of joy & good-naturedness, by contrast this act of plate smashing indicates the seriousness of our mood as the condition of the hunger strikers reaches life threatening proportions. We urge people to join us to publicly smash plates to demostrate their anger in relation to the prosecutor dragging his feet regarding the urgent application for bail on humanitarian grounds entered by the legal team 12 days ago.

- e-mail: me@mydadsstripclub
- Homepage:


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Correction of link mistake

24.11.2003 00:42

the contact details above were wrong...please get in touch if you would like to participate

The plate smashing response has been encouraging. Starting from today
there's smashing happening in cities around the Uk - London, Cambridge, Nottingham,
Leicester, Leeds, Cardiff and Glasgow. Internationally early responses have
come in from Chicago, New York, Bulgaria, Toronto, Canada & Denmark.

This thing is really on a roll now so the more people who join in the
better. Messages have already arrived and have been faxed to the Greek
Embassy today, some have carefully packaged up and posted their broken plates
with their message to the Greek Ambassador. If you want to do that you
can contact do it directly...
Greek Ambassador
1A Holland Park
London, W11 3TP
Tel. (020) 7229 3850
Fax. (020) 7229 7221

In another action Ive been told a rather fetching cream and brown one made
by Hornsea Potteries was smashed outside the Greek Consulate in Leeds
on behalf of Leeds Prisoners Solidarity Group.

A family response came in "my mother and i took my grandmothers large
white dish with apples painted on it into the garden today. together we
dropped it onto the wet patio and watched it smash into pieces. Neither of
us felt joy, neither of us felt spontaneously happy... this was a calculated
act of solidarity, and we sat in the cold and thought about Simon Chapman
and the other men you hold imprisoned in Athens... how they must feel at
this moment.How weak they are, how tired their bodies must be on this
FIFTIETH day. We broke my grandmothers beautiful plate for him because we
are in no position to help him... only support him. You on the otherhand can
help him...We believe something can be done."

Hope this inspires you.... I hear rumour the Nottingham based REACTOR crew
are also planning a response early this week.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage: