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Climate Change Social Forum strongly supports ratification of Kyoto

Jupiter / Cambridge IMC | 03.10.2003 08:56 | Ecology | Cambridge | World

The final discussions of the Climate Change Social Forum, organized by one Russian and one American NGO, came out strongly in support of Russia’s ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Attempts by the World Conference on Climate Change (WCCC) Chairman Yuri Izrael to derail the process failed and prompted an impressive speech by one of the participants on how Russia would benefit from the Kyoto Protocol. Some of the quotes by Izrael were: “Voting is for the miserable.” “Presidents change but the truth prevails.” (he was in the cabinet under the times of the Soviet Union) and “Let’s not waste time talking about the Kyoto Protocol, when it will never come into effect anyways.”

After two days of presentation and discussion, the Social Forum will present their conclusions in a press conference this afternoon (Friday). After the time and place for this press conference had been announced, the WCCC headed by Dr. Izrael has promptly announced the official WCCC press conference to take place at exactly the same time. I will post the conclusions once I can get a hold of them electronically.

This morning the big news is that several highly acclaimed scientists have issued a 4-page paper answering the questions that A.N. Illarionov, Putin’s advisor, asked of the audience two days ago (see my earlier postings). They wanted to show that the information that Illarionov is questioning is indeed readily available and that science has already resolved most of the issues. It is very impressive that the 7 scientists with the help of numerous others were able to stage such a quick response.

Jupiter / Cambridge IMC